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    About Us


    Bellantina is a jewelry brand offering a variety of premium quality, uniquely designed jewelry pieces. We've launched Bellantina out of our passion for beauty and elegance, intending to make luxury jewelry affordable and easily attainable for everyone.

    We are devoted to creating and providing magnificent symbols of romantic, friendly, and family relationships in the form of earrings, necklaces, and rings, hoping to create beautiful everyday moments and be a part of significant life events in people's lives.

    Our Mission

    Here at Bellantina, we believe that everyone deserves to sparkle - that's why we focus on creating and outsourcing beautiful luxury jewelry that is affordable and conflict-untouched.

    The diamond mining industry is often linked with rebel or terror groups, carrying out its processes through conflict and unethical mining and shipping practices. When launching Bellantina, we pledged to stay away from the cruelty-affiliated industry and chose to provide jewelry that's 100% ethical and blood-free.

    All of Bellantina's jewelry is created through honest practices, using lab grown diamond like Bellastones™ or affordable crystals and birthstones. We believe that real diamonds don't deserve their value and reputation, so instead, we focus on luxurious, premium-quality designs that are affordable and closer to the heart.

    Our Vision

    At Bellantina, we have a vision of creating a world where every woman feels like she deserves to express herself, and never holds back when it comes to her appearance or manifestation of beliefs. We strive to provide unique, extraordinary jewelry designs that embellish personalities, become the tokens of beautiful relationships, and last a lifetime.

    We are devoted to our clients, always striving to deliver the best possible shopping experience by providing support when choosing your perfect piece and answering any jewelry-related questions. Our jewelry comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we welcome each client with warm, superior-quality customer service, always hoping to have them returning for beautiful presents for themselves or their loved ones.

    Whether you're looking to manifest your beautiful relationship in the form of a luxury jewelry piece or say how you feel with a present that speaks louder than words, we have the perfect choice for you.